Friday 19 June 2015

BLOGIVERSARY: Counting Down This Year's Top 5 Nail Art Designs

Today on the blog I am counting down the top 5 nail art designs that have been featured on my blog in the last year (since Wednesday was the one year anniversary of PS and GW) 

5: Abstract Floral //
This original design was surprisingly easy to create!

4: Mini Egg Nails //
I actually got complimented on these nails SO much - at work, at school, etc. They almost looked identical to real Easter chocolate!

3: Sprinkle Donuts //
I loved creating these donut finger nails. I think they are super cute and have lots of fun colours in them!

2: Tropical Summer Inspired //
These nails have a bit of everything summer related: fresh watermelon, palm trees, and bright blue sky days. I loved recreating this look that I found on Pinterest.

1: Pink Prints //
These nails are so girly and really represented my style well. I learned this design from a very well-known YouTuber, CutePolish

All Photos by Mikayla Kuehn

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