Wednesday 24 September 2014

Ugh, As If

Flashback to the 90's? Or are we still in 2014 when Iggy Azalea dominated the rap world with her off the charts Clueless-inspired music video? I'm not Cher or Iggy, but I sure do love their looks.

I wore this Clueless-inspired yellow plaid blazer and skirt set as a nod to my favourite movie. I thought, if Cher Horowitz can wear this to school, why can't I?

It was fun! Here are some of the photo from this super sassy photoshoot.

With "I'm so fancyyyy" playing in my head while walking through the hallways of my school after hours, I pulled out my inner Cher to rock this super cute "Clueless" set and share my latest, most exciting find.

I scored this adorable set from an online store called "Glitters For Dinner" (GFD). Everything that they have available is super cute and 90's inspired. From Sailor Moon, to Alice in Wonderland, the outfits are one of a kind and you can't find anything else like it!

I've always wanted an outfit like this from the movie Clueless, (1995) and I stumbled across the GFD Store on Instagram. I didn't even know things like this were available to buy. I quickly put the items in my cart on their website, and checked out. Three weeks later, all the way from Thailand, my beautiful set had arrived and I couldn't wait to share the look.

What I Wore:

Blazer & Skirt // Glitters For Dinner
Watch // Michael Kors
Shoes // ALDO
Socks // American Apparel 

Photography by Thomas Birney

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